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Bleeding Hearts, my beloved guild.  I started Bleeding Hearts for one reason, and that was because I was finding myself with out a guild home. I was tired of all the elitest bull and people taking the game to seriously. I love to laugh and have a good time. I goof off and still get things done. We as a guild have grown and continue to do so and I am very proud of what we are becoming.  This guild and the people in it are my pride and joys of DDO and I would not trade them for anything. They are the best players I know not only because they are good players. But, because they dont care what others think and know how to laugh at the things that are suppossed to anger us.  I love my guild and guildies. We will continue to prosper and grow and have a good laugh while doing it.

Love Always,
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New Guild Raids posted for the coming week

Dave_Michels, Sep 25, 10 10:06 AM.
I've posted some raids for the coming week. I truly hope the guildies will show the love and support and gather to destroy & conquer.

If you don't show I'll chop off your heads

Keling Iban "Headhunter" Von Sarawak


Partydeluxe, Jul 2, 10 12:39 PM.
I've updated the calendar with scheduled Abbot training runs and put a guide on the forums under general discussion on how to flag for Abbot.

In my opinion it is both the most challenging and most fun raid in the game and best of all, it depends on player skill and practice more than any gear or build one might have. A raid that perfectly matches out philosophy here at the Bleeding Hearts!

Also, remember that you can sign up for a calendar scheduled event by clicking the event and selecting "Sign Up/Withdraw".




Claudia69, Jun 13, 10 9:46 PM.
Just a reminder Calendar times are Central North America

Guild Meetings

cherokee83pride, Jun 10, 10 5:36 AM.
I would love to start guild meetings on a regular basis with everyone in the guild. I want yalls feedback on how we can make ourselves better or what you would change and etc. I want us to have fun and grow. We are awesome and I love you all, if anyone needs anything, please let me know.

Love Always,

Raiding on a usual basis

cherokee83pride, Jun 7, 10 6:16 AM.
Guild raids every Sunday and Wednesday. 
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